17 September, 2009

Giving Credit

This is just a no brainer. If someone designs something and that idea goes around who do you give credit to?? Not the last person to use it but the first. I am finding since Stampin up has changed their IDA with their members and not many thought that it would affect much. Well for someone that like to blog hop and read them I am seeing a change. When it comes to idea sharing it seems that it is getting harder to come to the truth as to where the idea came from. I know ideas are free and most don't mind sharing them some are even more lenient with their craft but it still isn't fair not to give credit. Weither you get the idea from one company or another that person needs to know that you appreciate their design by NAME not by some link say "this person". Where has our integrity gone??

1 comment:

Susan Mac Donald said...

Well said! I couldn't agree more.