20 July, 2011


I should have known this would have happened. The clues were there right in front of me. You know hind sight is always 20/20. When you start a relationship off being the one in the wrong in some way when really you are not, may be it was just a bad day or just a misunderstanding on their part but no - it was your fault in the end. So you being the bigger person be apologetic and think everything is fine. Only to find out in the end they keep a file of these matters and everything isn't fine but kept a tally of. Three strikes and you are out kind of deal. It is worse than high school. I thought I left all of that crap behind me. I didn't make it very well through that and now I have do deal with it with organizations that think they are all that and then some.

My first offence I don't even know but they certainly know.....they kept a record of it.
I remember my second one. I was in the wrong, I admit it and I apologized for it. It was a day that if it could go wrong it did. I didn't need to be told to do it either but the coach certainly thought I did. but they recorded this incident too against me.
The next incident well that in my opinion well that is just mismanagement all on their end as far as I am concerned. For fundraising if you keep parents in better communication as to why certain product isn't coming and what is being done about rather than keeping everyone in the dark I wouldn't have gotten as upset...as it was and when you talk to someone when does it become a conversation with a person and "recorded conversation" that goes against you....when I made reference to a coach leaving and knowing why that it was to a difference of styles, due that fact of ethnic background it came from personal experience being my best friend growing up was the same background. I wasn't making a racist comment....it was the least thing from my mind.
So from January to June they kept tabs on me and my mouth and when I was trying to help another parent with office hours and then went on to mention to a coach (16yr old) about how I was use to our last gym being run and that regardless of size customer service should come first and that I had yet to feel welcome in that gym by other parents or staff I only came because of my son.

So I really should put a name to this...want to know the gym name that was so rude to me and couldn't see past their nose. Apparently when your child goes competitive you have to sign a code of conduct sheet as well. Where did the good sportsmanship go? I am just pissed more than anything right now. I really thought when I grew up I would leave all of this petty behavior behind me. I had had enough of it to last me life time when I was in high school.

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